Science of Sound are proud to offer specialist DJ lessons, unique training and professional support to anyone in Norwich or the surrounding areas who wants to learn how to DJ as a fun and creative hobby, or have larger ambitions to be hired commercially. 

In this digital age, DJ programs are able to do 90% of the work for you and so anyone can pick up a cheap controller with no prior experience of performing and get themselves a gig in a bar or club. Managers of night time establishments are therefore always on the lookout for trained DJs who can not only use DJ equipment properly and extensively, but have also; mastered musical theory; know how to read a crowd to keep a dance floor busy; and have the full range of knowledge and skills to ultimately ensure a successful and profitable night.

If you can prove your worth to a club or bar manager by ways of a short live performance or pre-recorded mix, you could be looking at taking a headline slot for yourself with a salary of anywhere between £250 - £500+ for one evening's work. 

We at Science of Sound can get you performance ready at a comfortable pace that suits you.

what you can expect from science of sound

  • Access to a full range of in-house equipment, from laptop DJ programs and USB decks – through CDJs – to vinyl turntables, to ensure we can effectively and efficiently teach you to DJ on any format you would prefer;
  • The skills and knowledge to become an experienced DJ whilst building your confidence in your performance;
  • Industry hints and tips to help you along the way to success;
  • Teaching on a one-to-one basis to ensure that you learn at your own pace in a friendly and encouraging environment; and 
  • Continued support throughout and after any lesson plan you embark on. 

Whether you are a total beginner, in need of fine-tuning or in need of a quick refresher; we can construct a tailor-made learning plan for you. Some example course programs are hyperlinked below for you to browse.

Graduate testimonials are at the bottom of the page.

For total beginners, or those looking to start DJing the correct way; check out our Basic DJ Course.

If you're looking to take the next step from beginner level, or are in need of a refresher to fine tune your skills, check out our Advanced Course.

If you need to learn to DJ urgently, or would prefer learning to DJ in a sizeable, but manageable block, we can offer you a One Day Intensive Course.

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The Basic DJ Course is an enjoyable and relaxed introduction into the specialist skill of DJ’ing, perfect for those with little or no knowledge. Taking 5-10 hours to complete (based on 1x hour, one-to-one lessons per week), you will be taken through a step-by-step guide of all DJ equipment as well as the techniques essential for you to become a DJ. 


  • Equipment and audio setup, and where to buy your own;
  • Understanding of musical composition (beats and bars);
  • Understanding of genres, music speeds (BPM) and how to build a set from them;
  • Learn and practice how to identify the tempo of music and how to adjust the pitch using DJ equipment;
  • Learn and practice how to find the first beat of a bar, set cue points and create loops;
  • Learn and practice how to make two tracks the same speed and adjust minor tempo differences; and
  • How to record a DJ mix on a digital platform.

What you will take away

  • You will be able to build a flowing set and confidently blend tracks in to one another using a digital DJ platform;
  • The appropriate skills to move onto the advanced DJ course; and
  • A recorded finale mix of music of your choice. 

For a no-obligation discussion on how you could learn to be a DJ get in touch via our contacts page.


If you have mastered beatmatching, the Advanced Course is where you will find your signature sound. Over the more advanced lessons (based on 1x hour, one-to-one lessons per week), with tutoring and practice you will hone your skills and add an essential performance element to your abilities. You will also learn the benefit of effects, samples and the other formats of equipment.


  • Advanced beatmatching and track blending including:
    • Professional tips to iron out any bad habits; and
    • Resolve any problems you are facing with song selection, pitch changing, beatmatching and mixing.
  • Learn and understand the importance of EQ, monitoring and headphone levels;
  • Matching track phrases to ensure songs blend together and ‘the drop’ is successfully released;
  • Understand extended beatmatching for acapella and instrumental mixing;
  • Learn performance tricks including spin back, braking, reverse;
  • Learn and practice using the CDJs and/or Vinyl Turntables; and
  • Learn and practice to DJ using the cue button.


  • The ability to DJ a set seamlessly to an audience, or make a professional demo to get that all-important first gig; and
  • The ability to confidently DJ commercially with CDJs and/or Vinyl turntables and record your own sets.

For a no-obligation discussion on how you could learn to be a DJ get in touch via our contacts page.


Learning the skills and knowledge to get you to either Beginner or Advanced level at Science of Sound can take a number of weeks (with the usual structure of one hour lessons per week); if you don't have the luxury of time on your side (perhaps you have an event coming up which you promised you would do?), or simply would rather learn to DJ in one sizeable but manageable block, we can offer a One Day Intensive Course in both the Basic and Advanced DJ Courses.

For a no-obligation discussion of how you could learn to be a DJ get in touch via our contacts page.



"Great Instructor! Helpful and understanding of the students needs. I had been DJ’ing for years but the advice I got from Science of Sound really took my mixing to the next level. Fantastic DJ. Top notch tuition. Would highly recommend to anyone beginner or experienced."


"Best in the business. Lovely chap always happy, supportive and very understanding. Also close to the city centre. Deserves more than 5 stars!"


"I got in touch with Science of Sound as a complete beginner to the art of mixing with vinyl. I can now beat match and am starting to learn 'the craft'. Thanks to Kris, learning has been enjoyable and the welcome, friendly atmosphere really helps aid the process. Couldn't recommend enough, no matter whether you're a beginner or already know your stuff but want to further your skills."


"Science of Sound is amazing!! Kris is a fantastic teacher who has got me from a complete beginner, to progressing only in 6 lessons to more advanced style DJ'ing. His lessons are really fun! I recommend Science of Sound to anyone who is wanting to start out as a DJ; from small parties to your friends to big live gigs, he does it all!!"

"Couldn't have asked for a better tutor than Kris at Science of Sound! My twin sister and I have been searching for ages to find a suitable DJ course for us - we had all the gear and no idea, just a complete passion for listening and partying to deep house/tech/dnb!! Kris has been so friendly and patient with us, within 6 lessons we have learnt so much, even starting to plan sets! A credit to his incredible skills and teaching! Highly recommend !!!!"

Theo, Norwich

"Anyone who wants to get into DJing, refresh their skills, or learn the advanced techniques should go and see Kris. Kris is a fantastic teacher who creates a laid back atmosphere that enables anyone to find their own style. With years of experience he has the skills and contacts to give you everything you need as you start or continue your musical path! I wouldn't go to anyone else to DJ an event as he understands that a good DJ doesn't just play his own music, but listens to the customer and is also capable of reading a room to ensure the dance floor is always full. Can't recommend enough."

Zofia, Norwich

"I had always been interested in the idea of DJing but had absolutely no experience whatsoever. After my first lesson with Kris at SOS I was getting a hand of the various buttons and with his guidance had an idea of the kind of decks that would be right for me.

After learning with Kris it became obvious that a lot of performing DJs are fairly amateur, simply use the Sync button, but with Kris you get a really deep understanding of mixing, even after a couple of sessions. After only a few months, I felt confident enough to have a go at beat matching and mixing on vinyls!

Overall, whether you have no knowledge, limited knowledge, or good knowledge about mixing which you would like to polish up, I'd definitely recommend SOS. The lessons are super fun, chilled out and succinct so you can learn at your own pace; and Kris has a huge range of music so if one genre doesn't really appeal to you, there's plenty you can work with."

Curtis, wroxham

"Kris is a great teacher and really knowledgeable with his kit. Really good at teaching vinyl and CDs."


"Found Kris through social media and he sorted me out with everything I needed from the get go. Welcomed me into his home and taught me what I had asked. Learned the basics, helped me setup what I needed to get started and recommended what he thought would suit me. Stayed in contact throughout my lessons and picked up the phone and helped with anything I needed thereafter. With Kris you get more than just a DJ. Top disc jockey and top man."

Tim, Norwich

"Over the past two years or so, my passion for music and DJing has grown massively. It soon got to a point where I needed to pursue it, and feeling dissatisfied with the music I was hearing on nights out in my local area, I decided to make the jump and learn to do it myself. I am really glad I did.

Science of Sound is the only place around Norwich that offers DJ lessons and, more importantly, the only place you need. In a short space of time I had a great grasp on the fundamentals of DJing and before I knew it I was mixing my own music and loving every minute of it! I can't stress enough how well the Beginner Course is structured, and what a great job Kris at SOS does of teaching and supporting you throughout. You can be an expert in any given field but it doesn't mean you can teach it; thankfully Kris is fantastic at both.

Don't struggle trying to learn at home. I tried that, and there is as much bad advice out there as there is good. You get exactly what you pay for with Science of Sound and won't regret a penny of it."

Ross, lowestoft

"I had been DJing for quite a few years before I approached Kris for some lessons and I'm so glad I did ... what he taught me in 6 hours of lessons has been invaluable. I am much more confident whislt DJ'ing and therefore now MUCH better at mixing. Teaching me the fundamentals of DJing, my sets are now flawless. Leaving nothing to chance, everything is prepared and my sets are 100% better than they were. It made me realise there are A LOT of DJs out there who are simply not mixing correctly, on an amateur level and professional level!! 

The lessons at SOS are clear and concise and Kris takes everything at your own speed. Whether you are a beginner or a working DJ and want to take your skills that bit further, I cannot recommend Kris enough to you - his experience and teaching is invaluable. I am so glad I dedicated some time to some lessons as I now enjoy DJing even more than I used to!

Thanks for everything Kris and hopefully we get to DJ together one evening in the future!"

Joe, Norwich

"I have always had a passion for music since a very young age and had wanted to DJ for years. I had previously looked into courses that I could take but the local area really lacked any substantial place to learn. A couple of years later I found Science of Sound in Norwich, Kris emailed back promptly and showed a real passion and interest to teach me. I attended my first session in the SOS home studio and was made to feel very welcome. I fell in love with DJing from that day, completing the beginner's course first then progressing onto the advanced lessons. 

Kris makes the lessons very affordable and was flexible around booking lessons that suited me. I was producing my own DJ mixes within weeks and since have gigged across a number of bars and clubs in the local area. 

Kris himself has knowledge on not only the art of DJing, but offers so much more through his tuition; he gave me advice on how to secure gigs, how to network in the industry and how to promote myself effectively. Even outside of our lessons Kris would stay in contact with me and help if I had any questions regarding my mixing, or buying equipment and even helped me out during an emergency audio situation I had just before a gig!

Kris is a great teacher with a great sense of humour that helps you to feel relaxed during the lessons. Nothing was too much trouble and he had a lot of patience with me. Since I've completed courses at SOS he has shared my mixes, encouraged me to push myself and has since become a good friend. 

I highly recommend the services at SOS; whether you want to DJ for a career or just as a hobby, Kris will help you get to where you want to be."

Caroline, Norwich

"I cannot speak highly enough of Science of Sound; the lessons I had were fantastic. I had tried to DJ at home and was getting absolutely nowhere yet within one lesson with SOS, I was doing a basic mix by understanding the basics of song structure and how that applies to DJing!

Kris is an awesome teacher; he's incredibly patient and worked at a pace that was suitable to me. He went over any aspect I was struggling with until I fully understood it and therefore I have learned how to mix different genres using many different techniques. 

If you have any interest in DJing but don't know where to start, Science of Sound is the best place for you. If you are looking to DJ just at home, or to make a career out of it, with his knowledge and experience, Kris will get you there. I feel I now have a good foundation for DJing and will most definitely be going back soon to tackle more of the advanced aspects."


"Absolutely fantastic tutor, very relaxed and patient. If you want to learn - Science of Sound are the ones for you!"