The GTA Online 'After Hours' Solomun Set is Crazy Realistic, and Actually Really Good!

Gaming has moved on considerably since I was a kid playing Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation One. As each year passes graphics become more and more life-like, game storylines become more like epic movie plots and game sales now hugely out-perform film sales by almost triple. One of the classics throughout the history of gaming is the series 'Grand Theft Auto' and Rockstar Games don't appear to be slowing down on releases anytime soon. Last week the latest installment was released; an expansion pack to the online version of GTA called 'After Hours', focussing on the possibility of owning a nightclub front whilst running the criminal underworld of San Andreas. To add a sprinkling of realism to the expansion pack, Rockstar Games invited some big names to the 'performers list' of the nightclub, names such as Black Madonna, Dixon and the king himself, Solomun.

Throwing myself back into the gaming world I knew and loved I was expecting these DJ cameos to resemble the crowd of FIFA 2000; 2D, blurry images of 'people' moving up and down in the stands, somewhat resembling heavily pixelated cardboard cut-outs, but boy was I wrong. 

A gamer has captured the in-game graphics of Solomun's full set below; having actually face-scanned and motion capped each DJ, and clearly spending a lot of time perfectly rendering the DJ equipment, the sets are unbelievably realistic capturing not only accurate live performance motion but also each DJs signature dance moves! And even better, the set is actually really good!

Check out the set below to see what I mean. And who knows, maybe we'll see old Nick Clegg pop up for a cameo soon! Wouldn't that be a treat.
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some genius made $1 million on a spotify playlist scam, which TURNS OUT isn't even illegal

Every now and then you come across a scam story in which the creator almost deserves to keep the cash they have acquired. I remember many years ago reading about an employee at Barclays Bank who worked out how to apply a monthly £0.01 interest charge to every single Barclays Bank account, funnelling the earnings into his own account and, being such an insignificant amount to individual account owners, nobody questioned this charge for over 10 years. 10 years! The man obviously became a multi-millionaire, left his position at Barclays and disappeared into the ether somewhere, still pocketing the massive earnings month by month. This man was a genius, albeit illegal.

Another genius is a man from Bulgaria who in September 2017 found out that artists who have songs played on Spotify get $0.004 dollars per play, as long as the song is played for 30 seconds or more. So he went about creating hundreds of 30-40 second 'songs', put them all into two Spotify playlists, created and paid for multiple bogus Spotify premium accounts (amounting to a cost of $12,000 per month) then had the accounts cycle through the playlists on shuffle, all day every day. Due to the short length of the songs just breaching the pay point, the playlists were racking up 103 million plays per month which amounts to a return on investment of almost $415,000 per month!!

This continued for just over two and a half months until the playlists reached #35 and #84 in Spotify's global playlist chart and an undisclosed music label executive raised the strange playlists to Spotify.

The playlists have been shut down, the songs have been removed and the multiple linked bogus premium accounts have been cancelled, however as the creator of the content and lawful subscriber of the premium accounts, it turns out this genius has actually done nothing illegal and can keep the money! In an official statement from Spotify about the incident, the company said:

“We are continuing to invest heavily in refining those processes and improving methods of detection and removal, and reducing the impact of this unacceptable activity on legitimate creators, rights holders and our users.”

Well done that man. For more legal scams, check out when Mariah Carey performed her debut DJ gig....
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Stranger Things 2 soundtrack released on vinyl just in time for christmas

Netflix original series Stranger Things has once again been the talk of the town with the release of the second series in October of this year. Aside from the fantastic 80s inspired sci-fi story line of kids on bikes uncovering a secret and sinister government alternate-reality experiment (which appeals to the child in all of us!), is the equally fantastic synthwave soundtrack by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, half of the Texan electronica band, S U R V I V E.

After the success of the first series' vinyl format soundtrack, just in time for Christmas the second series' soundtrack will be available to purchase on December 22nd. The first wave of pressings will be an "Upside Down Inter-dimensional Blue" vinyl (below), followed by a second pressing "Crystal Clear" and "Purple Crystal" vinyl.

If you can't wait that long and want to listen to some warm-sounding 80s synth goodness from the show, you can listen to the full soundtrack over on Spotify now, as well as from the first series.

We are pleased to hear however the vinyls won't be pressed with urine, menstrual blood or worse, haemorrhoid infected diarrhoea....
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Last night Ed Sheeran closed Glastonury 2017 with an inspiring performance of impressive live music layering skills, building entire song structures solo on stage. It's anyone's guess however how he was able to perform after his rider for the performance (his request for food and drink to ease him into performing on stage) has been leaked online.

To give some background to riders; Kanye West's staple rider includes Hennessy cognac, Sky vodka, Patron silver tequila, Heineken beer and 4x small Yoplait yoghurts (obviously); Grace Jones in the 70s and 80s asked for Cristal champagne, vintage red and white wines, 24x Oysters on ice, a fruit platter for no less than 8 people and all rooms to be draped with lillies and orchids; and even more ridiculously Justin Bieber's rider earlier this year was leaked and includes "10 containers to be flown in with items like a ping pong table, PlayStation, IO HAWK, sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe cupboard and massage table that will be used backstage", and if that's not enough, "Top culinary experts will supervise the gourmet being served to Bieber over the 4 days with 5 dishes per day will be renamed after his popular song."; you get the picture, artists can ask for what the hell they like.

So in preparation for potentially the biggest performance of his career so far, Sheeran like the absolute bad boy he is asked for this mental rider:

  • Bottle of Robinson's orange squash
  • 6x pack of Coca-Cola
  • 6x pack of Sprite
  • Jar of honey

The last time I consumed that much sugar was at my 9th birthday party, and there's no way I'd have kept it together to perform in front of tens of thousands of people. Someone should step in and tell this renegade to calm his tits before he smashes head first into rehab.

I wonder what Mariah Carey had on her rider for her debut 'DJ Performance' ... except of course an actual DJ.
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After last week's election, former Deputy Prime Minister and ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg lost his seat in Sheffield Hallam to Labour newcomer Jared O'Mara. O'Mara, founder of Sheffield bar West Street Live, DJ'd in the bar twice a week before dedicating his time to his newly elected position. Since Cleggy has been made redundant from his party, O'Mara has offered a straight job swap with the following statement:

"We want him to put on a student night; I heard he's popular with them so I think it would make a great job for him to come into. I would imagine he's kept abreast of the latest music and I'm sure he partied away in his student days. It's all good humoured; we're just extending our West Street Live family and he can come on board and be part of it if he wants."

Although Nick is yet to respond to the opportunity, his Director of Communications has been tagged in the initial Facebook post so who knows what Cleggy Bangers could be coming out of Sheffield in the very near future.

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Glastonbury Releases Full Line-Up

In 1970 a Somerset dairy farmer organised a gig in his fields to pay off his bank overdraft. It didn't. And yet 45 years later his Glastonbury festival has grown into a national institution. With tickets for the first festival costing £1 (which also included limitless free milk), the festival is no longer a gathering of hippies and rock enthusiasts, instead in recent years attracting the biggest artists in the world from all sorts of genres.

This year's festival is no less exhaustive. With the massive line-up just being released, some of the artists who will be there include; Radiohead, the Foo Fighters, Gorgon City, Craig David, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Biffy Clyro, Major Lazor, Lorde, My Nu Leng, Boy Better Know, Rag'n'Bone Man, Dizzee Rascal, Toots & The Maytals, Justice, Annie Mac, Clean Bandit, London Grammar, Kano, Status Quo, Goldie, London Elektricity, Noisia, Groove Armada ..... the list goes on.

To see how expansive the mixed bag of artists is; check out the full line-up on the Glastonbury Website.

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You can now get a tattoo that plays audio files

Nate Siggard, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, has come up with the wonderful idea of linking tattoos with personal audio files, giving an extra layer of meaning to any ink you may get on your skin.

Recently setting up the company Skin Motion, the initial product (Soundwave Tattoos) allows a person to have a tattoo on their body which then links to an audio file of their choice, up to a minute in length. Of course, the ink itself cannot play the audio file; it is through their app (Skin Motion) that you upload your audio clip of choice, convert it to a waveform, have that inked onto your body then when scanning that tattoo in the app it will recognise and play your selected audio file.

Believing in his product, Nate has had his partner saying "I love you" and some gargles from his 4 month old baby tattoo'd onto his skin, and this is the result:

Pretty cool if you ask me! 

Reception to this new product has been mixed; some loving the idea and wanting one immediately (myself included); others saying it's misleading as a) the tattoo itself can't play the audio file (duh ... what's the speaker? Your elbow?) b) the app isn't actually reading the waveform and playing the audio, instead recognising the image as a whole and then playing your audio file ...................... haters gown hate.

With the product and bespoke app launching in June of this year you can head over to the Skin Motion Website and stick your name on the tattoo  waiting list; I for one see this product being quite the success.

Not a fan of needles? You could have a chat with Jan Poope instead and swallow a pill that'll play music from inside your body.
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Yeo Valley Advertise the perfect summer job

Looking for work this summer, but can't face being a Customer Services Administrator for A. N. Other national pension or insurance company? Well Yeo Valley might just have the perfect job for you.

Advertised recently on their website, Yeo Valley are looking for a DJ / Ice Cream Man combo to work on their 'Disc-Yeo' Van at a multitude of events over the summer. Quoting the Job Description:

"Turn tables as well as heads in our glittery disc-yeo van which is going on tour and in need of a DJ with a sublime set and cracking customer service. If you can simultaneously serve up great ice cream and great tunes, grab your sliver bomber jacket now!  You'll need a sense of humour, bags of energy and be so chilled, you're frozen."

Pitching at £24k pro-rata it's not a bad salary either! You can apply here but hurry; closing date is 12th May!

Would love to apply but don't know how to DJ? Don't worry: we've got you covered.

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Most senior citizens I know spend their hours socialising with their bezzies over a chilled game of bowls, gambling over whist down the local RAF club or joining a bus tour to visit a nearby National Trust site on mass. Last week however a news story surfaced of an OAP living in Folkestone who has broken this mould by having a sizeable collection of DJ equipment and DnB music seized because he kept partying too loudly, on his own, in his flat ... bravo sir!

After ignoring multiple communications from Shepway District Council warning to keep the noise level down to a minimum, Peter Tuppen (believed to be in his 70s) last week opened his door to find Police Officers poised and ready to confiscate his stereo, turntables and collection of over 300 drum & bass CDs and vinyls! Upon arriving officers said his music was "excessively loud", describing that they also confiscated a disco ball as Mr Tuppen had his flat "wired up like a nightclub".

A council spokesperson said "We all love to enjoy our favourite music in our own home, and it’s great that most people will do that with no problem. But when one person’s loud music makes neighbours’ lives hell the council has no alternative than to step in."

Of course, we all agree it is annoying when someone next door consistently blares out loud music; I just love the fact this old boy clearly didn't want to give up the sesh and has been banging out jungle drums in his private club for one! 

I just hope the officers didn't have to handle any vinyls pressed with urine, menstrual blood or worse, haemorrhoid infected diarrhoea
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Gorillaz Set To Enter UK Festival Scene

June 10th will see Damon Albarn's alternative creation post-Blur, the Gorillaz, firmly plant themselves in the UK festival scene with a dedicated event in Margate, Kent. Taking place in the Dreamland amusement park, currently the line-up is yet to be announced; one thing is for sure however, the Gorillaz will be performing live at the festival for the first time since 2010.

After recently confirming their fourth album is complete, this may be a one-off event as an album-launch party, or may become an annual date to set in the diary; time will tell.

Tickets start at £60, for more information on Demon Dayz, head over to

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Over at SOS we're big fans of DirtyBird and all the bass-y goodness they have to offer.  

Earlier this year we brought you news that there was another spin-off project from the label, a sister label called DiryBird Select which showed promise straight from the off, although (truth-be-told) didn't sound overly dissimilar to the over-arching DirtyBird sound.

Well Barclay Crenshaw, founder and CEO of DirtyBird, has certainly achieved a different sound when creating another arm of the family by appearing to go down the Hip Hop route. A self-proclaimed fanatic of Hip Hop, Crenshaw has released his first track under the project; a short journey of chilled vibes and dreamy synths.

You can listen to the track below, we're quite excited to see what else comes direct from Barclay.

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In the glorious summer of 2015, Warner Bros released the widely publicised and much hyped Hollywood DJ film, We Are Your Friends. Did you see it? Neither did anyone else.

In a film widely reviewed as diabolical (see Mixmag's blow by blow account of why it was so bad), it appears Zac Efron goes from bed time to big time in the DJ'ing game. Well, that's the jist I get from the trailer anyway. Now you could say that I have no right to cast judgement without seeing it, and you're probably right, but the reason I boycotted the film (apart from the premise) was because of the offensive film tagline; "If you're a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent and one track" ... excuse me

Well it seems that we all are going to be in for another 'treat' this summer as Netflix fall in line to release their own 'journey of an aspiring EDM festival DJ'. I have to say I'm a little surprised that the ever popular Netflix has commissioned such a project, I only hope that means it may have some substance to the storyline, although probably not.

Check out the trailer for XOXO below; I hope they didn't call in Mariah Carey for expert DJ tuition.
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Just Announced: Pioneer release biggest DJ System with brand new Rekordbox Video ...

Last month Pioneer announced their rather garish new line of CDJs, the CDJ Tour1 system, which came with a 13 inch iPad-esque fold out screen attached to each deck. Personally, whilst I like the idea of having a useful screen on the decks (particularly if you want to browse your Rekordbox library, and make use of the available effects etc) one as big as that will only serve to put a barrier between you and your crowd and thus disconnect you from your performance.

Well it seems as though Pioneer read my mind as this morning they have announced a brand new DJ system which includes 2x much smaller (7 inch) touch screens above each deck which not only fully utilise all functions on Rekordbox, but also a third screen above the mixer for the brand new feature; Rekordbox Video.

With all the same features seen from the DDJ RX and flagship model RZ, this one is an absolute beast. The only downside? It still needs to be connected to a laptop unlike the standalone DDJ-R1, AERO and RX systems

So without further ado, please be standing for the Pioneer DDJ-RZX.

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Mariah carey fails at her debut dj gig

We appear to be going through another phase of celebrities announcing they will be turning their hands to DJing with no prior experience at all; last month it was Kylie Jenner, further back was Paris Hilton and this weekend it was Mariah Carey's turn to step up to the turntables at Las Vegas' 1Oak Nightclub for her debut DJ gig.

Having been hyped up to be quite the occasion, last week the club quoted their Special Guest DJ as a person who "represents the passion of Avant-garde and embraces the new and unknown" .... this would have been more believable if Mariah had indeed embraced the 'new and unknown' by having at least a few DJ lessons first!

Nevertheless when Mariah arrived at the club for the much anticipated evening of cut chemistry and artistic license, she initially pranced around barely dressed on the club's red carpet (as all of us working DJs do ... ) before heading on in to perform in front of her adoring fans. With the club already packed, upon entering the booth to join her personal DJ, DJ Suss One, Mariah went on to (in no particular order) remove her leather jacket, get through a couple of cocktails, take some photos for social media, have a few chats with a few random people and worst; avoid the decks at all costs .... all night .....

Obviously the club's photographer managed to catch her (non) performance throughout the evening which shows it's pretty lucky DJ Suss One was there to do some actual DJing otherwise the night would have been a total write-off. 

Bravo Mariah, bravo. Still, nice to see he's using CDJs; if he'd turned up with a laptop he could have been denied access at the door!
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With vinyl sales on the up again, new collectors will be (and veterans have been) exposed to a whole range of funky record designs, all of which deviating from the standard thick black vinyl of old. Just as creative as the songs pressed onto the record, artists have been known to make coloured vinyls, see-through vinyls, glow in the dark vinyls and many more interesting variations for general release. Some bands, DJs and artists however, have run with their artistic licenses into deep and dark little holes, pressing some of the most disgusting materials for their fans to 'enjoy'.

Here's a list of weird things pressed into vinyl where we ease you in with nice materials, then hammer home the down right strange. 


After a three year break from business, in 2015 record label Honey Disco celebrated their return by releasing a 7" press of Osmose's track 'Do Anything' with beeswax.

When spinning on the platter, the vinyl not only glimmers in the sunshine, but reportedly alsosmells of honey!


Whilst married to The White Stripe's front man Jack White, in 2011 model and musician Karen Elson pressed 1000 copies of her cover of Lou Reed's 'Vicious' with rose petals. 

This was not to be her only pressing creativity ...

fruit smells

Back to Karen Elson again, this time to a year previous (2010) with her LP 'The Ghost Who Walks'.

Reminiscent of the scratch and sniff days of the '90s, Karen applied a varnish to the record that remained dormant until played  for the first time, where the needle would scratch into the varnish and release a sweet smelling peach scent.

Asteroid dust

In 2014, UK psychedelic pop band Emperor pressed a truly 'out of this world' vinyl by grinding down a meteorite that landed on Earth approximately 500 years ago, and pressed the dust into 100 vinyl copies.

Human x-rays

Things start to get a little bit strange from here on in ...

In the mid-1900s, underground Soviet group Stilyagi began collecting disposed hospital x-rays and used them as templates for pressing pirated music.

Using tracks from foreign artists prohibited by the Soviet Union, the group would then sell the records on the black market. Unfortunately, they were later caught and sentenced to 5 years labour in Siberia.


In 2014, Perfect Pussy let their band name go to their heads when they pressed lead singer, Meredith Grave's menstrual blood into their release of 'Say Yes To Love'.

Although Meredith said "she could only give so much", the band still managed to press an impressive 180 copies!

Urine and hair

The penultimate material featured in this list (yes, there's worse) is Eohippus' limited edition release of their track 'Getting Your Hair Wet With Pee', where they pressed 100 copies of a vinyl made of urine and hair ....

The band have never confirmed where (or from who) either component came from.


In 2004 artist RA-X released a one-off very special edition of 'The Opium Den (parts I-IV)' which was pressed with ... are you ready (?) ...

Haemorrhoid infected diarrhoea. What. The. HELL.

The release boasts a 'brownish, purple shade with a subtle but detectable odour of faces when played'.

So there we have it folks, a list of the weirdest (and rankest!) materials used when pressing vinyls. I guess they trump my favourite pressing; a limited edition red vinyl of Mark Knight and Funkagneda's 'Man With The Red Face'.

What's the best and/or most strange pressing in your collection? Leave us a comment below.

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LA Nightclub bans laptop DJs

I'll start this entry by saying having used all platforms of DJ equipment (from controller up to vinyl turntables), I don't mind DJs who use laptops for sets ... but there are a few key rules that should be followed.

With DJ programs and USB controllers making the art of DJ'ing easier and easier (and easier!) in recent years, it's no surprise every Tom, Dick and Harry has been turning up to his local bar telling the owner he's "the next David Guetta". That's cool and all (I'm all for expression of DJ talent) but there's nothing more disheartening than jamming around a dance floor enjoying whatever set the DJ is throwing out at you, looking up to throw back some appreciation (via an obligatory fist pump, or drunken cheer) and said Guetta doesn't even notice you looking; heck he doesn't even notice there's a crowd in front of him. This geezer is so engrossed in his laptop screen, not once 'coming up for air' that he wouldn't even notice if the dance floor was empty because his choice of Hardstyle bangers at a Hip Hop night is going down like a lead balloon.

Even worse still are the ones who have bought the latest and most expensive Pioneer DDJ, with its total capacity to control whatever 4-bar loop with flanger magic you are trying to pull out of the bag, and still insist on using the keyboard and mouse at every turn.

Now, I can't deny; laptops and controllers have certainly changed the game with regards to mobility of DJ equipment and ease of actually DJ'ing (and thus ensues the classic 'you're not a DJ if you use Sync' argument), and most DJs out are taking controller sets to very professional and highly skilled levels, but unfortunately when making DJ'ing so accessible to everyone; you will always be let down by the impatient and untalented.

This week, it appears Kenny Summit (owner of LA nightclub; Cure And The Cause) may have been subject to said impatience / non-talent and has put a ban on laptops in the DJ booth at his club. Taking to his Facebook page, he said:

"Announcement: no more laptops in the DJ booth. Unless you're using it to control vinyl to do a turntablist type of set, a'la Jazzy Jeff type shit, or if you're doing a live thing where you're actually programming shit on the fly.

Keep your controller in your crib, don’t come to work with training wheels.

Learn the tools of the trade already. Pioneer isn't going anywhere any time soon, they are the industry standard, so brush up on how to use the CDJs, get Rekordbox (it’s free) and buy a good USB stick for $40 that will store thousands of hours of music on it.

We opened this place to showcase talent. So, show us your talent.

Pretty strong words against laptop DJs, in particular the "training wheels" bit; what are your thoughts? Is he right? Leave us a comment below.

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Prince's personal vault has been opened revealing hundreds of unreleased SONGS

In March of 2015, Mobeen Azhar (a journalist writing for the Guardian) released a story confirming Prince had a personal vault under his Paisley Park estate in Minneapolis. Everyone of course knows the act on the stage, singing such gems as Purple Rain, and Kiss, but there was another more secretive side to Prince; one that rarely allowed any interviews and when he did, refused to let the interviewers record his voice or even take notes! It is because of this elusiveness that speculation has grown into what was being kept in the vault, particularly as Mobeen states that quite a few musicians (like composer Brent Fischer who worked with Prince for over 30 years) claim many of their collaborations are yet to see the light of day.

Since Prince's untimely death in April of this year, and due to the fact that Prince did not have a will in place, Bremer Trust have been posthumously appointed administrator of his estate, and even though Prince did not leave behind the passcode for said safe, they have wasted no time in getting in to that bad boy to see what goodies lie beneath.

According to ABC News, Bremer Trust ordered the safe to be drilled and opened immediately revealing a treasure trove of unreleased music. And when we say treasure trove, we mean enough unreleased music to release an album every year, for the next 100 years ....

It is estimated the vault predates his release of Purple Rain in 1984, so why he decided to sit on a gold mine like that for all of these years is a mystery. Seeing as his music has rocketed back into the charts since his passing I imagine these new songs will be coming out thick and fast. 

It could have been a whole different story if he'd retired at the ripe old age of 26.
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Andy C, All Night at Alexandra Palace; Listen Back Now

If you're a fan of drum & bass, or even knowledgeable of the scene you will know that for a number of years now Andy C has been connecting with fans of his DJing, and his label RAM Records , by touring the globe with his show; Andy C All Night. Having been to quite a few shows ourselves, this night always proves to deliver exactly the bass kick you will have been hoping for, not only because of Andy's immense DJ talent, but also because of the impeccable song selection.

With each event getting bigger and better as more and more fans try to attend, it seems last month on Easter weekend the All Night tour may have crescendoed into a night unable to be beaten. Performing to over 10,000 ravers, Andy C took over Alexandra Palace, London, to play in his own words; "the highlight of my career".

In the build up to the event, Andy was releasing promotional videos onto his Facebook page , not only to build hype for what could potentially be the event of the year, but to also give you a personal insight into the event and what it means to him as a DJ; we recommend heading over to watch these.

And now luckily for us, an hour long excerpt of the show (recorded for Apple Music Beats 1) has been uploaded onto Andy's SoundCloud page so it's time to stick your earphones in and get ready to share a small snippet of a truly historic moment for drum & bass music.

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Chillhop Music Launches 24/7 Radio Streaming Service

If you haven't already heard of Chillhop Music then you are about to introduced to a world of good music. For the past 3 years, as a music channel on YouTube and Soundcloud, Chillhop has been providing the "best in Chilled Hiphop, Triphop and Jazzhop to create the best chillout experience" for their fans and followers. 

We at Science of Sound had our attention captured when Chillhop released the first volume of City Nights, a wonderful mix of Sunday-vibes hip hop playing over cityscape time-lapse photography; a series which is now up to it's eighth volume! It doesn't stop there; with regular other playlists, live hangouts, singles and album releases, Chillhop Music has steadily become a regular source of great music.

You can imagine our delight then when recently Chillhop launched a live radio streaming service via YouTube, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Providing the perfect soundtrack to almost any situation, you too can check out the brand new Chillhop Cafe .

Good work boys.

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Avicii retires at the ripe old age of 26

I can’t say this news brings me the greatest sadness. I liked Levels when it was released, and his collaboration with Nicky Romero, sure. I even admired him for showcasing a totally different side to his production at Ultra Music Festival 2013, although it wasn’t too well received! But in reality, he was always on a path to provide the pop charts with tacky EDM tracks perfect for your younger sister’s 16th birthday party.

Still, he’s huge in Europe, and has been a headline act at nearly every event he’s played at since day one, so who am I to (definitely not bitterly) cast judgement on his talent and fame.

Through a pretty lengthy statement on his website, Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) explained that essentially he has no time to live a life behind his stage alias and after this year of touring, he’ll be retiring. He said “I’ve become an adult while growing as an artist, I’ve come to know myself better and realize that there’s so much I want to do with my life. I have strong interests in different areas but there’s so little time to explore them.”

Remaining humble in his conviction he went on; “My choices and career have never been driven by material things, although I’m grateful for all the opportunities and comforts my success has availed me. I know I am blessed to be able to travel all around the world and perform, but I have too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist.”

Finally he signs off with a little message to his fans saying he won’t say he’ll never return to the music industry, clearly music is his passion, but states quite definitely it won’t be any time soon.

If you so wish, you can read the full statement over on his official website, or you can stay right here and read many more interesting music news stories! 

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A pill has been made to play music to you internally when swallowed

As a kid growing up in the 90s, I remember my mind being blown at a lollipop which played music in your head when eating it. Sure, it wasn’t exactly Oasis in high-definition live from Wembley, but the science behind it baffled my puny little brain. As an adult I now appreciate it is in fact not magic, but sound via vibration; a concept which apparently is being picked up again …

Artist Jan Poope from the Czech Republic has created a ‘world first’ type of pill which has been designed for “enjoying music from within your own body”. Basically, using a magnet you set the pill to a desired bpm (beats per minute), you then swallow it back and enjoy a “techno party you can’t avoid”.

Now before you get your hopes up, no you can’t upload your favourite David Guetta EP onto it and knock it back for a day long party (well, until you next have to Jan Poop!); but what you can do is experience a repetitive internal beat that will not go away. On top of that, if you want any other layer of music, you have to add it; in this video, Jan rubs an ultrasound machine over some girl to add what can only be described as rubbish synths.

I mean, call me boring, but I can imagine a thousand reasons why you would immediately regret swallowing this thing. Still, it’s got a crowd-funding campaign so if you want this madness to become a reality, head over to the official website.

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dirtybird introduce new label

With house music re-familiarising itself with popular culture over the last few years, Deep House and Tech House have become the words on every party-goers lips. For the bass heads out there, week by week seeking out the hardest hitting 126 cuts they can find; Claude Von Stroke, kingpin of the low frequency label Dirtybird, has certainly been a forerunner in providing the required fix.

Recently celebrating their 10 year anniversary, it appears now the label is expanding its reach over the bass-driven house scene with the introduction of a new sister label; Dirtybird Select.

With no official media coverage on the new label, it is currently unclear how Dirtybird Select will differ from the original label, particularly as the first release from Los Angeles based producer Ciszak certainly falls in line with the distinct bass-heavy profile we’ve all become accustomed to.

You can hear a preview to the first release ‘I Want’ on Dirtybird’s official SoundCloud page; I’m sure you’ll agree, whatever the specification for the new label, with this track it certainly sounds promising.

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